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Peeking Orchid Pumps!

There’s something about an Orchid that seems a little mischievous. It’s personality acts like it’s so demure as it hangs it’s head pretending to play the background, but really it’s beauty can’t help but be in the foreground… just like you.  With that said, this April in Orchid Tappin’ My Toe Tuesday, we found a beauty […]

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“Coco” and Chic for Pennies

What’s puffed, polished, and oh so posh for any spring event? Anything quilted! There’s something so sophisticated and pristine about this texture trend that automatically takes your “lady-like” dial way up, as you sit and sip gracefully gorgeous while other’s chase bunnies and easter eggs! At Polished for Pennies, we love taking inspiration from more expensive […]


Lovely Lace*

       To dream in luxury, my minds drifts into the studios of Marchesa, Vera, and Valentino… and when I think of those powerhouses, I think of lace! And those three know how to use it in ways that are awe-worthy and dream-like! The thing that makes lace stand out is it’s uniqueness. It […]


Soft Orchid & Pastels

     When styling your next party look we want you to keep in mind that, even though colors can be more subdued and understated, that doesn’t mean that won’t make a statement! PolishedV is playing with soft pastels and just the tiniest stripes of light orchid, but they still POP! On a recent trip […]

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Matte Orchid Lips*

Matte. Velvet. Cream…. we’ve been gushing over the cheap chicness of Forever21′s lipsticks and PolishedN came home with one the other day… it’s DIVINE! Looking for the perfect POP in your pout for pennies? Check out Forever21′s Love and Beauty lipstick in Matte “Hot Pink”! For $3.80, you’re getting a gliding stick of color that […]


Cleopatra. Cozy. Confident.

We are women and I don’t want you to forget that. With being a woman, that takes appreciating your value, knowing that you deserve the pampering you need, and GIVING yourself the time to say “YES” to you and your needs! Giving yourself the chance to feel your own energy and light that maybe you […]

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Spray Tan Buzz*

Mix It Up March! Instead of the bed… get sprayed head to toe! With an air of spring BUZZING about, and my need for a nice little tan… it was time for me to get my bronze on at a hot new spot in Philly for a spray tan! And Gals, if you’re nervous about […]


Go Half-sies!

It was so random! I was sitting at the kitchen table looking at my red chipped nails, when it hit me. With all this nail art going around, why not have a bit of fun! Why not mix it up?! So how can I take these chips and make em’ chic! I decided to go […]

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Use your mind as a wand*

Although you might not think about it… others are thinking of you. I just had a moment about 15 minutes ago, where I envisioned myself skipping around my world with a magical wand that would fix the troubles of some of the people around me. I wish I had a magical wand. I wish I […]


Hopping and Hoping*

  Oh the bunny rabbit! As a kid, and even now, Easter is one of my favorite holidays! And no, not just because of the Easter bunny, maybe… but primarily because it’s finally spring! The time when fresh tulips and daffodils peek through the ground as a sign that a whole new season is about […]



I’ve been really happy to use an Orchid as inspiration for this month, and it’s not only because they are beautiful, it’s because… they stare at you. They make you wonder. They make you think, “how does something so gorgeous get like that? Out of nowhere? How do you get so beautiful? Poised in such […]

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Confidence is free, don’t forget to spend it on you!

So you’re a penny pincher? That’s great and all when it comes to your coin, but are you actually cheapening your personal self-value by not spending more time and energy working on your self-confidence? I see and hear it time and time again, women depreciating their value and feeling a lack of self-confidence, or the […]

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Get Lucky*

You don’t really know how lucky you are do you? I know that feeling sometimes, when times get hard, you feel hopeless, and you feel uncertain, but you’re still lucky. It’s time to get up. I know that feeling sometimes, when times get hard, you feel sad, depressed, and heavy hearted… but you’re still lucky. It’s […]

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You’re A Sweet-Tea*

    When you’re a P4P Gal Pal, you’re just one of those gals that appreciate the little things. Not that you don’t want the larger things in life, but when you grow up working without, you realize that the simplest things in life can polish up your day just as good as the most […]


That’s a Wrap*

Sometimes you just have a vision in mind. Whether you want to transport your party guests to another place tropical, or springy, or English, or dreamy, or garden-like… Instead of shelling out the money on a table cloth that always has the potential of getting ruined or stained… why not wrap your table with gift […]


Clearance Quick-Fix*

  I’ve sort of been in the mood to re-arrange and re-decorate my office lately. It’s probably because the scent of spring is in the air, and sitting in the warm sunlight at my desk is one of my favorite things to do, so I figure why not give it some polish! I never really […]

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Gals Sharing *Polished Confidence

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#GiveAPenny: Zerry

I don’t think anything gets better than fresh coffee, awesome customer service, and a compliment with your crusty bacon, egg, and cheese wake-up wrap from Dunkin Donuts! THANK YOU ZERRY* This awesome dude complimented my outfit and perked up my morning with he’s super down to earth pleasantry and warmth! He was just being himself […]

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#GiveAPenny: Jazmin

This pretty young thing and I have a lot in common… We both LOVE shoes, and we both love to compliment other women just because! Jazmin, you were such a treat to run into at Nordstrom Rack and I’m so lucky to have met you and to have felt your youthful energy fill me up […]

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#GiveAPenny: Jennifer

If there’s one thing that tickles my fancy it’s thrift shops and meeting great gal pals! On a recent trip into Glenside, PA to do some digging, I met Jennifer in a consignment shop. She had an air of confidence and a straight shooter attitude that I liked, and she brightly and boldly looked at […]

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#GiveAPenny: Kim

  Just when I thought the beautiful Crudo pizza, wine, atmosphere and gelato at Vetri Pizzeria couldn’t get any better… I met Kim. Kim wasn’t my server, but just a cool gal who worked there too who made her way over to me. She just wanted to chat it up about my outfit and since […]

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