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Happy Hour Style @PSquare (The Cosmo)

    When you’re looking to POP after a long day at work and you’ve got plans to be Polished at P Square this Thursday night, with a hankering for a $5 Cosmo… here’s a SUPER simple solution: COSMO COLOR! That’s right! Infusing your after hours style with a bright colored lip and statement coat will have you […]


3 Tips to Kick Your Workout Style Up-A-Notch* (VIDEO)

Click the photo above for our latest episode of Polished for Pennies on Ulive!  


Happy Hour Style @PSquare* (The Chocolate Martini)

    Decadence is what I think of when I think of a chocolate martini and boy do you deserve it! If you’re looking to sip and savor their goodness at P Square Lounge this Thursday during the happiest of hours, then may we suggest you dress the part in chocolate tones in this week’s Happy Hour […]


Happy Hour Style @PSquare (The Beer Gardner)

Ok Gals, so this one is totally for me! I think if I had my drink of choice to “Mellow March” it out to at Happy Hour it would be an ice cold draft! So Polished for Pennies! So to honor a nice cold beer, we’ve stepped into the Beer Garden of P Square Lounge […]


Happy Hour Style @PSquare (The Bubbly)

  Gals let’s Celebrate! We’re kicking off our  first ever Happy Hour Style series here on P4P! We’re begging for Spring time temps and since it’s Mellow March, we figure when but now, would be a better time to showcase some sizzling great fashion every week while celebrating the happiest of hours as we get in […]

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VIDEO “Fearless” Hair and Makeup*

Looking for a quick and easy way to have fearlessly mod eyes like Twiggy and sexy hair like Felicity Shagwell?! Take a look at our latest episode of PolishedTV, where we go behind the scenes of our “Fearless February” Polished for Pennies photoshoot at the Sonesta Hotel! We’re talking an easy application on the eyes […]


Nailed It! Kiss Nail Sticker Review*

So this is how it started! I went to Dollar General to pick up a few things for our “Fearless February” photoshoot at the Sonesta Hotel Philadelphia, hairspary, bobby pins, black hair ties… and while I was there these nail stickers from Kiss POPPED right off of the shelf! For $3, having no time for […]


Glossy Eyes

Working with your own skin tone, is in my opinion, the most beautiful way to wear makeup. Basically, by looking like you’re not wear much! So, here’s a quick trick to give your minimal eye makeup a POP without going overboard! Add a little gloss! Seriously! For PolishedC, I did her makeup really natural using […]


Blushing Beauty Buys at Marshalls*

Ah! Gal Pals! The beauty of “Blushing January” is inspiring us to up our makeup game by making the necessary additions to our makeup bags for 2015! What does that mean exactly? Well, we loved the idea of using our “blushing” theme as a way to bring more attention to the nudes and soft pinks of your […]

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Gold Dipped Party Makeup (VIDEO)

Hey Gals! I have a feeling you’re going to love this! Welcome my good gal pal and makeup guru Ms. Urban Delight to Polished for Pennies! As an Urban Decay enthusiast and life cheerleader, M.U.D shows us some Tips and Tricks for a Gold Dipped Party look that’s perfect for any holiday! Grab your coffee […]

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Dear Beautiful Girl,

Oh Dear Beautiful Girl, I pray for you to feel worthy. Worthy of the greatest of things. Of love, of life, and of living. These things exist in great magnitude and they are yours if you allow yourself to feel worthy of them with open arms. I pray for you to rely on the strongest part of […]


The Gal Behind Polished for Pennies*

Click the photo above to find out more about Vittoria Woodill creator and host of Polished for Pennies!


Why Not Me?

I saw this quote on Instagram the other day and was like WOW. Out of all the questions that buzz around in our heads, this is one of the most useful questions that we can ask ourselves, and simply we don’t ask ourselves this question enough. As we panic, get anxious, run scared, or feel stopped […]


Why A Coffee Can Be A Catalyst*

     When you want something bad enough all you have to do is ask. When you want something bad enough asking the right people is imperative. When you want something bad enough you have to envision yourself there. When you want something bad enough a coffee can be a catalyst. For every Gal Pal who ever wondered… […]


Fearlessly Pretend*

Gals, we here at Polished for Pennies are just like you. We’re sisters, cousins, friends, daughters, gal pals, and dreamers and if you look through this picture, you’ll see that. Beyond the makeup, stunning art, high pigmented dresses, and fearless model poses, you’ll see there are just two cousins. Two cousins who love just to […]

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Created by Melissa Alam, the founder of online magazine Femme & Fortune.

Give A Penny: The Hive*

[metaslider id=8953] When you’re working hard trying to make your dreams come true, and need just a little help, there will be other strong successful women like you who will have your back. I know this because those women have had mine. They rallied behind me at all different times so far in my life, and since Give-A-Penny is […]


“Can I Help You?”

It doesn’t take much to have a moment with someone. A stranger. A person who knows nothing about you but when they look at you with kindness makes you feel like a friend. Makes you feel something. I was standing in line at the Dunkin Donuts around work waiting  behind about 20 kids asking for sugar […]

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#GiveAPenny: Zarina

How beautiful is Zarina in her baseball cap!  Standing sweetly by the register at Starbucks, Zarina complimented my H&M dress that’s probably about 3 years old. She made my oldie feel goodie by just being herself and sharing her confidence. A beautiful gal inside and out deserves the shout! Thank you Zarina for being wonderful […]

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Valentine’s Day… STAY IN!

Thankfully, Valentine’s Day is all about giving love as your biggest present. But realistically it’s a pricey night out! Dinner, drinks, dancing, entertainment, parking, flowers, candy, and diamonds… naming all those things and we’ve just lost the money for our monthly car payment! Hey, we get it, but why not stay in? By no means […]


Blushing Hot Chocolate

So you may be over all of the holiday hubbub, BUT I’m sure you’re not over a little chocolate indulgence! Or maybe you are, but I promise this hot chocolate won’t make you feel too guilty even with those New Year resolutions! You only live once anyway! Anywho, this is the perfect drink if you’re spending tonight […]

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Thanks-Gifting for the Hostess on Pennies

WATCH THIS POST COME TO LIFE ON CBS3! Maybe you’re stopping at Grandma’s house for homemade pumpkin pie or gobbling up that turkey dinner as a guest at your BFF’s. Wherever you’re headed for the holidays, bringing an elegant gift for your host/hostess does not have to burn a hole through your piggy bank! Here […]


Wine Night*

The idea behind creating an amazing night of food, fun, and decor is all based off of inspiration! Whether its perfect plums at the market, the most gorgeous baked bread, or even a lamp you spotted while thrift shopping… you can find inspiration everywhere and use it to sky rocket your creativity and imagination… The […]

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