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A Vampy Visit*

     So maybe you’re heading home for Thanksgiving, traveling to visit your BF’s family, or just making dinner at home… Well, since this Nouveau November we’re all about ARRIVING in style and spirit, may we encourage you to vamp up your visiting attire in something delicious, unexpected, festive, and quite frankly BOLD! For this […]


$34.99 Two Pieces of POP: That’s P4P!

   I hope you can gather already, that by being a CONFIDENT P4P Gal Pal, YOU CAN  look, feel, and live like a million bucks on a few shiny pennies. We try our best with a few polished principles and motivation to show you how easy it is to use what you’ve got, a beautiful brain […]


Nouveau POP to Sporty Style*

   Gals, I’m freaking out over this outfit right now. Comfortable, cute, POPPIN’ with Nouveau attitude and comes with a price that’s ALL POLISHED FOR PENNIES! Let me give you a price break down! Wool Scarf: Marshalls $29.99 (Feels like a million *Heavy with Luxury) Nouveau Sweatshirt: H&M $9.95 (So fitting and cozy to boot) […]


My New Black Boot*

You know what I love about us gals? I like that we like nice things. I like how we work hard. I like how we know we can still have nice things even if we don’t have a lot. I like us. I like our attitude and I also like those few far and in between moments […]

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Stunning metal ToyWatch (original price $225) RueLaLa's price $79.99! #HeavyisLuxury!

Feel like a Nouveau Gifter* with Gifts from $15 – $100!

Gals, we are now embarking on the Holiday season and to be honest… I don’t hate it!!  I got a little excited while on the other day and found a few perfectly Polished for Pennies holiday gifts that POP with Nouveau November inspiration! They are cool, a little trendy, unique, and most importantly FUN, Funky, and Fly […]


A Different Kind of Drop Earring*

We are all about a statement piece, but I think sometimes we can over think a piece of POP and think it’s all about the size. But great items, and deals, can also come in small packages. For Nouveau November let us not focus on how big our baubles are but the statement even a […]


Lady Danger*

Oh la la gals! Every one of us needs a lip color that makes us feel glam, motivated, confident, desired, sultry, sexy, and down right awe-worthy! For us, this month is all about a rich, bold, and rockin’ red-orange by MAC that will make every passer-by go Oh La La! We give you… Lady Danger! […]


  We talked about “One Piece of Pop” when it came to an article of clothing, but that trick applies to accessorizing too! Sometimes that’s all it takes to make an outfit great! So whether it’s date night, wine night, disco night, or your OPENING NIGHT Starlet… whip out that POP and make your personality jump […]

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A Happy Meal

Clinking glasses, fresh chicken and waffles, and friends with attitudes I share, is how I spent my Sunday this past weekend. I was brunching with a few of my closest Gal Pals, minus one who was sick that day and we missed her dearly, and there was a moment where my heart warmed hotter than the […]



It was a Saturday afternoon. I had been putting off chores for weeks… okay fine, it’s been a few months. I just didn’t feel like it. There it was a ton of clothes piled up and jewelry scattered across the chest of drawers I’ve been stuffing ignorantly for days with more clothes and more mess. […]


Grace Us With You

We all need a reminder sometimes that we are good. That we are okay. That we have all that we need to be the best version of ourselves. We do. Even if you can’t see the tools buried within our hearts, minds, and body… we do. They are there. So here is your reminder from […]


Nouveau November

Gals it’s time to ARRIVE! By definition “nouveau” can mean a few things : modern, up to date, newly arrived, developed… and I thought about all those words and came to the conclusion that aren’t we all waiting for the moment to arrive? To feel that we are here, strong, now, in the present, confident, […]


Oh La La Oscar…

“Luxury to me is not about buying expensive things. It’s about living in a way where you appreciate things.” You know what was funny… I was standing in a super crowded room of Philadelphia starlets. Champagne was pouring around the hips of glass flute skirted servers upon marble floors, under sparkling chandeliers, as all who […]

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Nouveau Noshing for Buck Bucks*

Entertaining in my mind should never feel like a chore, it should be something that’s enjoyed and even relaxing. So how do you make it easy on yourself? Go somewhere and get inspired! The other day I decided to stop off at a Dollarstore… I do this often. Why? Well for starters dollar stores are […]


Oh La La Ode to a Simple Dinner*

The first thing that came to mind when I wanted to throw a dinner for friends with an ode to “Oh La La October”, was the thought of a simple meal with special details that wouldn’t break the bank. A simple meal that would still be sophisticated and tasty, but decorated by a table that […]



[iframe][/iframe]   The thing about being Polished for Pennies is that if you think you can do anything… YOU CAN! Like do a DIY Baby Photo Shoot! My BFF Laurie just had beautiful Baby Macie, and we wanted to treat her like the princess she is by making her a model for a day for photos […]

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Gals Sharing *Polished Confidence

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#GiveAPenny: Zarina

How beautiful is Zarina in her baseball cap!  Standing sweetly by the register at Starbucks, Zarina complimented my H&M dress that’s probably about 3 years old. She made my oldie feel goodie by just being herself and sharing her confidence. A beautiful gal inside and out deserves the shout! Thank you Zarina for being wonderful […]

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#GiveAPenny: Zerry

I don’t think anything gets better than fresh coffee, awesome customer service, and a compliment with your crusty bacon, egg, and cheese wake-up wrap from Dunkin Donuts! THANK YOU ZERRY* This awesome dude complimented my outfit and perked up my morning with he’s super down to earth pleasantry and warmth! He was just being himself […]

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#GiveAPenny: Jazmin

This pretty young thing and I have a lot in common… We both LOVE shoes, and we both love to compliment other women just because! Jazmin, you were such a treat to run into at Nordstrom Rack and I’m so lucky to have met you and to have felt your youthful energy fill me up […]

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