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Sporty Starlet*

Love me some overalls!! Girlll…… I know, I know, but I had to. If you’re not into a sweet pair of overalls, I completely understand, but may I say these super easy, comfortable, and stylish overalls for $24.99 at Marshalls gave this starlet a gal on the go look with a SUPER sporty edge! With back to […]


*Uptown Starlet*

  Making your way from Downtown Starlet to Uptown Starlet takes a little sass. Takes a slight no nonsense, no fear, and no prisoners attitude. In short, you’re fabulous, you’ll wear what you want, and you don’t care who knows it. You’re a lioness in a concrete jungle whose powerful prowl can be felt even as […]


*Downtown Starlet*

Gals… you’re a star… so dress like it! Act like it! BE IT!! And really, to be anything, you’ve got to feel it and you’ve got to look it! We thought it would be cool to take one bag from Marshalls and style 2 looks for an  Uptown and Downtown Starlet! Here’s the deets on […]


Gift Yourself: A Leather Jacket *SPLURGE ALERT*

Alright so we must go decadent for the final post of Everyday Your Birthday this August! And, really, I went all out and spent $199 on a designer leather jacket from Marshalls, as my splurge piece for my Bday! I mean you only live once, $199 isn’t awful when you think about what I invested […]

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Gift Yourself: An Iphone Case

Sometimes it’s just those little things. Those very little things, treats, that we need to feel good. Items and things that are merely bought for a few shiny pennies, but shine up our mood and keep us excited and polished! This everyday your birthday I found the coolest designer Iphone case at Homegoods! It’s a Jordan […]

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Cake Batter Lips*

Luscious and lovely, this Everyday Your Birthday made us think of CAKE! What could be more decadent and desirable than a HUGE, SLICE OF CAKE! We don’t think anything… and in that case, it got us thinking! Sure, we love POPs of pinks and oranges this summer, but we also still love the seducing ways a nude […]


Gift Yourself: A Notepad

Kindles and computers are all great, but sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing and calming than putting a pen or pencil to some paper. Whether it’s to journal, to write your to-do list, to draw, or to dream up your master plan for your future master bedroom, a beautiful leather notepad may be just the gift […]


Gift Yourself: Organization

Looking to organize all those necklaces and bracelets you’ve gifted yourself from over the years? Well this month at Polished for Pennies, we’re celebrating EVERYDAY YOUR BIRTHDAY, and we think a fantastic and affordable present to gift yourself is a little organization! We love the idea of storing our dainty dangles and big baubles in […]

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How to Be a Starlet

Sometimes we need to be the light that no one sees. We need to stare into the eyes of friends, family, and strangers and see the things we know are there. We must star those stars… not everyone see’s falling stars… but that’s why WE must be different. We must try to be there for them […]


*A Starlet September*

This month isn’t really about celebrity… it’s about self value. It’s about self confidence. It’s about looking at yourself in all your beauty through your own lenses and seeing your spark. Seeing all that you are and putting yourself on that pedestal to be admired, not by others, but feeling proud of yourself. Proud that you’ve […]


Even if You’re Brokeness.

You know, I never really thought there was an upside to being broke… but there is. I know what you’re thinking… this chick is a total nut job! How could digging in the couch cushions for change, crying in the shower because of your student loans, cringing at the sight of creditors on the caller […]

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Your Trademark

  After so much heartache most recently about Robin Williams and others close to home, I really found this statement from the Obama’s about Robin’s death strumming the strings of my heart with a tight tug on the reality of what it means to live. You’ll read firstly in their condolence above, all of the […]


Rather Be*

I found myself the other day playing on repeat, Rather Be by Clean Bandit. Gals… it took me exactly where I needed to go. A place that put a smile on my face, movement in my hips, and gave me the extra push to the pavement I needed to celebrate a day, that wasn’t my […]

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  The thing about being Polished for Pennies is that if you think you can do anything… YOU CAN! Like do a DIY Baby Photo Shoot! My BFF Laurie just had beautiful Baby Macie, and we wanted to treat her like the princess she is by making her a model for a day for photos that […]


Parisian Crepe Party


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Thanks Table*

With beautiful “Thank You” cards we found at Marshalls for $4.99, we thought to ourselves… what’s the best way to celebrate your guests or even say Dad for Father’s Day? Saying Thank you!! So in honor of the many people that sit around our table and yours, here’s a cool Polished for Pennies way to say […]

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Gals Sharing *Polished Confidence

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#GiveAPenny: Zarina

How beautiful is Zarina in her baseball cap!  Standing sweetly by the register at Starbucks, Zarina complimented my H&M dress that’s probably about 3 years old. She made my oldie feel goodie by just being herself and sharing her confidence. A beautiful gal inside and out deserves the shout! Thank you Zarina for being wonderful […]

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#GiveAPenny: Zerry

I don’t think anything gets better than fresh coffee, awesome customer service, and a compliment with your crusty bacon, egg, and cheese wake-up wrap from Dunkin Donuts! THANK YOU ZERRY* This awesome dude complimented my outfit and perked up my morning with he’s super down to earth pleasantry and warmth! He was just being himself […]

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#GiveAPenny: Jazmin

This pretty young thing and I have a lot in common… We both LOVE shoes, and we both love to compliment other women just because! Jazmin, you were such a treat to run into at Nordstrom Rack and I’m so lucky to have met you and to have felt your youthful energy fill me up […]

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