Feeling Looking

*A November in Nude

There are a lot of things I want you to think about for November…

  • The idea that less is more
  • The fact that nothing trumps natural beauty
  • The fact that it’s okay to look like yourself… be yourself
  • The fact that your skin color is what makes you unique, and is beautiful
  • The fact that your body will be more attractive if you love yourself
  • The fact that everyone has something to love about themselves
  • The fact that everyone has a differences in body and skin, so there’s no one like you
  • Finally, the idea that celebrating a November in Nude, could be a great way to get you looking in the mirror and actually liking what you see
As you know, Polished for Pennies is more than a fashion blog, it’s a Lifestyle Confidence Blog. Just like you, there is more than what the eye can see, so this month we are not only celebrating the color, we are celebrating women being women, looking like women, feeling like Confident Women!
Allow the self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-esteem SOAR this month. If you haven’t felt like that before… know it’s in you.  And here at P4P it’s ok to love your whole self, and show praise in you as long as you’re helping others feel the same.
Not really, hahah but we will be baring all this month and we hope you’ll enjoy this color as much as we do!

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