Good Work Gal Pals*

One of the most incredible things about us women is how we’ve managed to grow as a sex who can do anything. We have fought and have proudly assumed the power to make choices for ourselves, for our happiness, and for our families that allow us to showcase the brilliant minds that lie within the […]

Humble Bumble Bee*

Maybe it’s just me recently, but lately I’ve felt that on a daily basis it’s easy to underestimate the influence we have on one another. Thinking that no one is watching us, hearing us, or feeling us. Thinking that the normal and average things we do, do not have power like: Saying thank you. Completing an […]

Wednesday Pick Me Up: Home Is Where the Heart Is*

Just when you don’t expect it, life whisks you away to a place where you thought you’d never be. And at the right time and with the right person you’ll find yourself in the happiest place on earth. Home. No matter where you once were or where you are now, home will always be where the heart […]

Winging Life and Making Your Own*

Hi my best Gal Pals. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a “Pick Me Up” and honestly it’s because I’ve been winging my life. Rolling with it. Feeling it out. Living it. Sorting it. Balancing it. Loving it and breathing it in. Which has made me feel like this thought would be a good […]

Dream On…. OMG

There was always something I just followed in my gut. An unexplainable guide that was leading me somewhere. A place I never knew about. It had no description. No details and no vision… but it was somewhere. It’s the somewhere you end up at when you follow your heart and dreams. It’s the somewhere you […]

2016 A Year of Gratefulness.

I have to tell you… visualizing this quote makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. Like I’ve climbed the top of a mountain. Jumped a few roadblocks and grew through many growing pains in 2014, and now January 2016 I feel like I’ve reached the top. I’m taking it in now. The view. The sun […]


I know I’ve been a little light on posts this week Gals, but Pope Francis has taken precedent at the moment. Both at work at CBS Philly and really just in life. Events like this force you to sit down and pay attention to our world, and what we could be doing better. It makes us aware. Fortunately […]

Imagination Nation

There have been many things that I have imagined in my life. I have imagined performing in front of thousands. I have imagined using my voice to help influence the good in others with an uplifting purpose. I have imagined fashion as my message and creation as my outlet. I have imagined the worth in me as my […]

Painting Your Own Pace*

Sometimes it’s so hard, like really freaking hard, to pace ourselves. I’ll speak for myself here. Sometimes it’s really freaking hard to pace myself. To relax and enjoy the flow of life without concerning myself so much on the destination. The final picture. The end goals… is really hard! I mean, It’s great to have goals […]

Artsy August* Life is Your Canvas

  If you look at your everyday for what it really is… it’s a blank canvas. Ready to be splattered, made, created, painted, and smeared with whatever it is you want to bring to life. Life… your life… is your master piece. It’s your greatest work of art, so this August, why not bring your […]

Jewels and Jewels and Jewels JULY!

    YAY! A brand new month of inspiration!! Gal Pals… we give you A Jeweled July* All month long, we want you on the hunt for jewel tones. We want you to feel radiant, confident, pretty, and prissy while celebrating this gorgeous summer month in royal fashion! We want you celebrating sun-reflective color! POPS and POPS […]


At first glance this quote might seem a little dark. Making you feel alone in this world and that you have to trek it all by yourself. But then again, if you re-read it… I hope you find it empowering. I hope it tells you that YOU can change your life. YOU can create your dreams… and […]

“So You Had a Bad Day…”

Ya know Gals… every-time I get a little down, or something goes wrong my Dad looks at me and starts singing…”so you had a bad, you’re taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around…” Lol It’s funny when I think about this, because each time he sings it, I laugh […]

Look Up. Smile Back.

There were two times this week where I had to stop and stare at the moon. It’s been so full and the sky so clear in Philadelphia this month. The moon has been stellar. Perfect. Round, bright, and the beacon of hope among all the stars carrying the dreams of sky-gazers like me. It’s like […]

A New Way to Look at Grey*

I truly believe that not everything in life is black and white and if it were… or if you believe it is… is that helpful? I’m not saying I’m right, or you are, or she is or he is, but it’s an interesting thought to think about the shades of grey in life that defy […]

A Weird Mix of Prints (In a good way)*

  I was watching a video of Justin Timberlake accepting The Innovator Award at the IHeart Radio Music Awards on Facebook the other day. His acceptance speech was awesome. He talked about weirdness. How weirdness and being weird is nothing but creative and creative people being who they are because they’ve got ideas. How we should never […]