Gal Pal Guest Post: #WERKWEAR with @Anita_Oh

Anita Oh is a blogger and broadcast journalist who hits the streets of Philadelphia with a polished sense of style and grace. On top of that she’s a great person with a great attitude, so I asked her… “How do you werk your work style on Pennies? And here’s what she said!


Hi Gal Pals,
I’m drawn to fashion, because it can be uniquely tailored. I’ve always believed pieces ‘work’ when they are an extension of your authentic self. That’s why I am so excited to collaborate with PolishedV, who is the epitome of ‘personality.’ You see it in how she carries herself and also in what she carries! For this collaboration, we decided to focus on ‘wear-to-work’ pieces. People always ask what a ‘typical day’ looks like as a broadcast journalist, and that simply does not exist. Because we never know what we will be walking into that day (or even from hour-to-hour), so preparation is key!
I start every morning with a strong cup of coffee or tea with lots of honey. I am so obsessed with white + gold lately, and this Kate Spade tumbler is both stylish and efficient. I then pick out my workwear, which is typically always a solid-colored ensemble with a little ‘pop.’ That could be a statement necklace or a fun (but comfortable) shoe; in this case, it’s the peplum waist detail on this gorgeous emerald dress. I paired this dress with over-the-knee block heel boots, which keep me warm and comfortable as I run around all day.
So many of us are always ‘on-the-go,’ but workwear that is both functional and fashionable does not have to be mutually exclusive! What do you wear to work?
Follow Anita*: http://www.oh-anita.com. or on Instagram: @anita_oh


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