Got My Zen on Last Night!

Working and Working…Pushing and Pushing… Stressing and Stressing… Sometimes you just need a moment to dim the lights, shut your eyes and breathe. Inspired by #AthleticApril, I decided to give myself a few minutes of mediation and stretching before bed…

… Why not? You know us Gals, we are constantly moving throughout the day, and do we ever really tell ourselves, “HEY WILL YOU JUST RELAX FOR 5 MINUTES!” Coming from some else, that may be the best way to piss us off lol, but coming from yourself, I find it’s one of the best ways to respect your mind, body, and spirit.

I turned the lights down, closed the door, and after giving myself a few minutes to childs pose, downward dog, and just sit and breathe… I’m not kidding, those few minutes of serenity made me sleep better and throughout the entire night. Sometimes my nerves keep me up, or it could just be the pot of coffee I drink while watching Housewives of whatever until 2am. lol 😉 (Gotta love those guilty pleasures)… Either way, I truly believe those few minutes helped me relax my mind, and open my heart to new challenges that each day will bring.

To mentally motivate yourself to do anything, will be the #1 cause of succeeding or failing… So Gal Pals, since it’s free to get your mind right … Make a choice, Act on it, Breathe, and get ready for the next challenge 🙂 You can do it. Be Confident. Be Centered. Know you.

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