I want to tell you something Gals.  It may seem hopeless. It may seem broke. It may seem uneasy. It may feel NOT NORMAL. It may be scary. It may seem endless.  It may be the beginning. It may be the ending. It may be exactly what you need. It may be exactly what you don’t want.

Whatever “it” means to you… love, life, a decision, going, staying, giving, getting, being and it’s got you blushing or burning inside… that means you’re growing and learning. “It” can mean anything to anyone and “it” is something we all are walking around with. Never for one second believe someone isn’t dealing with “it”, because we all are. We’ve all got things going on but, we must believe, we can handle “it”. Be able to walk with “it” not against it. We are not defined by “it”. We must look beyond it, seeing that small glimmer at the end of it.

“It” is whatever you want it to be, but it doesn’t have to be your definition. It may be a defining moment but “it” is just that. A section of time we have to deal with until the next “it” comes along.

Here’s another way of looking at “it”… every “it” that although may seem like a struggle is a new door waiting to be seen through, so whatever it is that you’re dealing with… See it through to something beautiful. Envision it as something extraordinary. Imagine where it can take you.

“It” is all about how you view it. You’ve got an amazing life ahead of you so get “it” together, deal with “it” as you have to, and see “it” through to the other side.

We’ll be waiting for you. Believe in yourself a little bIT more.


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