My easiest trick for *Polished Confidence is a little Red nail polish! You’d be surprised how much pep this will add to your step if you ever feel a little low. I remember rocking this red stuff in high school at the lunch table because I needed to spruce up my uniform!!! It’s even better if you have an interview coming up, a test, a date, or big event that you feel a little nervous about. Your fiery nails will remind you exactly how much fire you have in you! Thats a flame a finger and baby Your a 10! You deserve everything you work for and most people can tell that from the condition of your nails… So knock their socks off and punch them right in the kisser with some inexpensive red nail polish that you can apply yourself! Have a great day and show these folk whose boss!! Lol 🙂 Xoxox -V

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