Nothing is Unapproachable

I want you to think about something. Look at the picture of PolishedC above. Wearing a $39.99 dress, she’s seated elegantly with great poise and posture at the bar of the Four Seasons Hotel. Her dress doesn’t make her look cheap even though it was bought on pennies… (*it’s also not cheap retail wise anyway, but anywho) SHE makes the dress look like a Million Bucks by serious confidence and an approachable lady like attitude. The Four Seasons Hotel isn’t out of her reach… she belongs there. She loves herself enough to put her self worth in the fore front, spend a few bucks of her hard earned cash on a glass of pinot, sit down to take a minute and savor her sips and sophisticated dressing because she knows how she wants to feel. Spoiled even. She never lets anyone or any situation make her feel less or unworthy of beautiful things, because no matter what, she’ll create beautiful things all on her own because of her confidence! She sees herself in the places she wants to be, and actually puts herself there. Think about that…

What does that mean to you?

Do you value your worth?

Do you find things unapproachable in fear you don’t belong?

Do you always carry yourself with the highest degree of self-confidence?

Do you value you enough to realize your situation can be great because you, as a person, a good-hearted person, believe you deserve greatness?


Why is it that we create reasons, or allow people to create reasons for us stating that we don’t deserve, we don’t belong, we CAN’T! Why?

Why, when all that talk is just that… talk.

Create your own perceptions. Tell yourself what you want, where you want to go then get there. Sit at the bar of the Four Seasons Hotel in a dress that makes you feel like a million bucks, but costs pennies… you belong. Feel proud you got up and did it. You put yourself there.

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