It may be raining on Vaca, but I’m taking a cue from Mother Nature. I’m brightening up my mood and my look with a little $2.80 nail polish that has me seeing two lavender sunsets 😉 Got a few colors for the same price at Forever 21… Even in the rain, you’ll still shine! Happy […]

Basket Case*

One day after work, I remember pushing open my bedroom door only to be greeted with the overwhelming feeling of suffocation. There were clothes everywhere! Spurting from the ceiling, off of the clothing pole and off the hangers, the drawers of my dresser cocked open and weighed down with loosely hanging shirts and jeans, and […]

*The Great Wall

Shoes are a girl’s best friend, but can be their worst enemy when it comes to storage in a small space. Now, I will admit, I do love to keep some in their original boxes but my special SHOWSTOPPER SPIKES, I LOVE to have them on display! Which is exactly what I did in my room […]

Throw your Pennies In!

Hey *Polished guys and gals, sorry about the delay on the comments. I’m a little new at this and still working on the total functionality of the site!  Please let me know your Pennies for Thought! I would love to hear your comments and reactions to my recent blog posts! I’ll be keeping them coming […]

*Polished P.O.V

I have a favorite saying that says: “you make do with what you’ve got” and whether you come from a big family or small, money or middle class, row home or single, we are tested in life situations to utilize what is around us to make the best of what can be difficult circumstances. The […]

Golden Eye*

3. Final step in creating the High Volume “Do” I can’t get enough of, is using a great hairspray! Some hairsprays can be extremely wet and sticky, but the one I have pictured below is great, and to top it off, I have a tip for finding it for a steal!!! The next time you visit […]

My Woody*

2. As much as I dislike the Round-a-bouts and U-bies in the Garden State (traffic wise), I’m a Jersey Girl at heart when it comes to my hair. I like it Plump, I like it Fierce, and I like to Tease the crap out of it! (However the “broads” on Jerseylicious take it to a […]

*Goldie Locks

Since yesterday, I’m all pumped up now about my beauty must haves, so stay tuned for them to continue for the rest of the week ! Firstly, I want you to know my hair sucks, and if yours does too it’s totally okay, we’re still hot! We just have to know how to work it. I […]

*Polished Bronze

If there is one thing that makes me feel like a million bucks and should come free with a day or two at the beach, it’s a bronzed goddess tan! Let’s get real here, it makes you feel thinner, look healthier, and plays a mind trick on some of us that what hides behind, you […]

Do what you want to feel Fabulous!

So this is my first blog entry, and I thought it would be important to kick if off with some attitude! I was going to wait until it got a little closer to my birthday for my first “Penny for Thought” but today I was inspired! How or by what you may ask?…Well, I was […]

A *Penny for Thought

My name is Vittoria Woodill. I am local gal from Philadelphia and I’ve spent quite sometime trying to uphold a perfectly polished look and lifestyle on a working girl’s budget. Everyone is on the daily grind out there, right? I don’t care where you work, what city you live in, or what economic status you are, […]