Flash Back Friday: A New Way of Dressing*

  Since this Nouveau November is all about arriving and feeling the spirit of confidence, when dressing for holiday parties this month or spicy weekends, your goal is to not blend in but to stand out! A quick way to do that is to have a fresh take on your style by heading into that closet, maybe […]

Sporty Starlet*

Love me some overalls!! Girlll…… I know, I know, but I had to. If you’re not into a sweet pair of overalls, I completely understand, but may I say these super easy, comfortable, and stylish overalls for $24.99 at Marshalls gave this starlet a gal on the go look with a SUPER sporty edge! With back to […]

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine*

The first thing my mom said when she saw this look was, ” Tor what an awesome look for walking around the city! ” Now, when I looked at I envisioned myself feeling a cool breeze off of an ocean on vacation or skipping through a field of daisys by a farmhouse lol! But that’s when I […]

Coffee Topper

So we’re piggy-backing off our “If You Like Your Coffee Black” post to talk about this coffee talk topper AKA my hat! I really love hats Gals. Perfect for rainy days, bad hair days, and sunny days to consistently look chic and jack up any outfit in seconds! A hat adds instant polish and when […]

A New Take on Your Old Work Skirt!

   It really doesn’t take much Gals to add flare and style to that old skirt top combo when you want to take your work wear up a notch. I’ve had this skirt for years! It’s an oldie but goodie I keep in my closet because it’s comfortable, has a clean straight shape and a […]

Adding POP to Blushing Style*

Ya know Gals, it just wouldn’t be very P4P without a little POP thrown into the Blushing January mix! And ya know, anytime you head out whether you’re rocking an all neutral look or not you never want to forget your POP! Pop in your shoe, Pop in your lip, and Pop in your accessories! […]

Golden Hippie*

Ya know Gals, it’s easy to reflect a mood in your style when you allow yourself to be imaginative. The other day I was hankering to write a post and thought to myself, “okay Tor, you want to write a post inspired by how you feel right now, so how are ya feeling and what do you […]

A Vampy Visit*

     So maybe you’re heading home for Thanksgiving, traveling to visit your BF’s family, or just making dinner at home… Well, since this Nouveau November we’re all about ARRIVING in style and spirit, may we encourage you to vamp up your visiting attire in something delicious, unexpected, festive, and quite frankly BOLD! For this […]

A Different Kind of Drop Earring*

We are all about a statement piece, but I think sometimes we can over think a piece of POP and think it’s all about the size. But great items, and deals, can also come in small packages. For Nouveau November let us not focus on how big our baubles are but the statement even a […]

Need a New Outfit? Have a New Perspective!

There comes a moment in every Gal Pals life where she stares into the abyss of her closet and she stands still. She doesn’t move. She keeps staring. Her clothes staring back at her and she thinks, ” I have nothing.” (deep sigh) Well, at Polished for Pennies, we believe you ALWAYS have something. You […]

Awesome Autumn Idea*

] I’ve been wanting to photograph this look for a while now and I think you can gather that me and Colie, my sister and photog, had a ball capturing autumn in all of it’s Oh La La-ness out back. This blazer was a total score from Jomar at $14.99. It was sold on one of […]

Jet. Set. Go… Vintage!

Ahh… nothing like a good thrift find to get ya in the mood to run off and JET SET GO SOMEWHERE! Gals, check it, so recently I visited one of my favorite thrift shops called Impact Thrift! As I, ever so innocently, entered the store to Shop for What Pops for some Jet Set Go […]

Tip It*

Want to kick it in cool Cali-style? We say tip it! Never underestimate the power of your confidence or the voice of a cool accessory. When you’re living on pennies, sometimes, it’s the accessories that we’re relying on most. Maybe that’s because that’s all we can afford, and that’s OK! It’s not only okay to make […]

Transport Yourself* & Style*

While working items from my own closet for Malibu May, I selected them by asking myself, “Is this Malibu? Is this Cali?” Funny enough a super cool Cali-goer Gal Pal, hit us up on Instagram and said, “Malibu May makes me think of Free People!” She used her imagination and automatically was able to associate a feeling, […]

Mommy Style that POPS!

Hey Moms! I want to tell you something… you’re hot! Seriously!! You are! You’re beautiful, you’re a superhero, you’re a whole lot of fabulousness, and maybe you don’t give yourself the credit! Running around with the kids, burping babies, heating bottles, soccer practice, flute lessons, and snuggle time can take up ALL your time, but […]

24K Oscar Style!

So all of us Gal Pals won’t be strutting the red carpet and elbowing with A-listers at the Oscars on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t grab inspiration from them and go for the gold! Heck, we don’t even have to copy celebrity style either! Why not take a cue from the naked man […]

Suede So Sweet*

NO please don’t eat your shoes! But these luscious suede beauties are Oh So Flirty, we can’t help but want to devour them and make them ours! We think suede is a great look for V’day. It adds a super sultry texture, and has a flirty feel that smooth enough to flay footsies under the […]

Carry-On Clever

You know what the most confident feeling is? Feeling smart! And did you know that you could totally be that Gal whose got it together by packing your carry-on for your next vacation P4P style! By that, we mean, with CONFIDENCE! A Gal Pal’s carry on is just as sacred as her luggage. It’s the […]