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Written By: PolishedI (Isabel Garcia)

As a woman in her 20’s on the brink of graduating college and beginning to enter the workforce, I have done quite a bit of self-reflecting in the past year. This has also been the first time in my life I have decided to take a proactive approach to the one thing I actually have control over: me. In the midst of my soul-searching and reflective ways, I have decided that there are three aspects to achieving such an understanding of oneself: mental, physical, and emotional. This could seem like a refresher of your 8th grade ‘Health Science’ class, but what I have realized is that sometimes the lessons we had learned in the past need to be revisited, particularly when entering a new phase, or stage in life.

The idea that initiated this discussion came from beginning to shop for summer bathing suits. I immediately turned to my true love, Vicky (Victoria’s Secret), because I knew I would be greeted with wonderful pictures of tan, thin, beautiful models prancing around a gorgeous beach, somehow without a drop of sweat or sand, unless carefully and intently arranged.

Despite my unused gift card that was left over from the holidays, I decided to branch out a bit and try some other, less expensive shops, such as Arie, the lingerie store by American Eagle. To my surprise, when the webpage opened I saw a girl who was, in fact, NOT stick thin with the “hashtag” ArieReal next to the image. Completely blown away, I decided to keep investigating. Arie’s newest campaign features models (not ‘supermodels’) and the pictures on the site – yes, every. single. picture. – is not edited in any way. Yes. YES! Tattoos, piercings, natural skin tones, all of these elements that create, well…a person, are made visible to the public.

As a confession, at first I was a little thrown off, but I eventually was able to see that the models from VS psychologically made me literally “feel good”, triggering some type of impulse making me more likely to go to that specific store. This just shows that the marketing business has such a control and affect on the everyday lives of the public. It influences how, when, where, and even why a person would shop at a certain store.

It’s definitely worth checking out the Arie campaign and there are other companies and stores promoting the power of #RealBeauty.

The #ArieReal campaign is brilliant. YOU are brilliant. Be you. Be confident in your own skin!

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