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Making your way from Downtown Starlet to Uptown Starlet takes a little sass. Takes a slight no nonsense, no fear, and no prisoners attitude. In short, you’re fabulous, you’ll wear what you want, and you don’t care who knows it. You’re a lioness in a concrete jungle whose powerful prowl can be felt even as you aren’t moving. You, my dear, own the streets and pound the pavement as your powerhouse self, because as an Uptown Starlet they aren’t just streets to walk on they are yours.

So now that I’ve syked you up… let’s recap that bag! The same bag we styled in our last post “Downtown Starlet“, we’ve turned up the luxury for an Uptown look that’s puuurrrrfectly polished!

Pour La Victoire Handbag: “The Servant Dusty Pink Multi” Originally priced $395.00 #fabfound at Marshalls for $149.99! An investment piece such as this is totally Polished for Pennies for a few reasons:

  1. The deal you’re getting knowing the designer and retail value
  2. The quality… genuinely crafted leather bags will last you forever if you keep them well
  3. The structured style… with a style such as this, with it’s clean lines and professional swag, it’s profesh enough for the office but way cool hitting all the style marks for the street.
  4. The details of color blocking in perfect fall hues of dusty pink and burgundy and snakeskin handles give added interest without being to busy

Now, lets break down the look!

Since we’re  headed Uptown, Starlet, we want you dripping in confidence and quality. Not to mention, we want you feeling all women. Proud. Powerful and SUPER POLISHED… and since style doesn’t get anymore chic than starting with black, that’s what we did! We have paired a great pair of Express black denim with black heels, a vintage dusty pink sweater, and black wool hat from Marshalls to wrap up a simple yet sophisticated look that’s Polished for Pennies!

*Our tip pulling colors from your handbag is the way to go when you’re in a style pinch. In this case it was pink and black, but you can always play with the tones as well by incorporating more neutrals to play with a snakeskin print like grey, beige, or white!

So what do you think? Are you more Uptown or Downtown Starlet?

Wool Hat: $29.99 Marshalls

Express Jeans: $49.99

Express Heels: $$?? You’ll have to wait for that post 😉


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